2003 CRASH!

Greg's Commentary:

The race started with a wet track. Although we started 2nd last, the wet conditions suited us. Soon we were in first place and had lapped the entire field up to third. About mid race the sun came out and dried out the track. I was passed and moved to 2nd, then 3rd. While running 3rd I was bumped and spun sideways. I was hit hard in the driver's side front wheel. The impact flipped the car onto it's roof. I slid to stop, then 'WHAM!' I was hit at full speed in the rear window area.

Driver OK, car totalled.


Everyone gathers to survey the damage.

Greg's autograph is the autograph on this day.

It's bent everywhere.

It's a write off.

We start building a new car.

Everyone pitches in.

Many hours & thanks to clients, employees, friends & family. We are ready to race again.