Greg Phillips, C.E.T.

(403) 862-7942

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Instruction experience

  • Chief Instructor for Track Techniques since 2003 (12 events / year)
  • Instructor for ZR Auto Track Events since 2004 (4 or 5 events / year)
  • Chief Instructor for Ferrari Maserati of Alberta Piloti Club (4 events / year)
  • Instructor for The Ultimate Track Experience (10 events / year)
  • Driving coach for 2 Ferrari Challenge drivers
  • Test Driver for Modified Luxury Exotics Magazine
  • Trail guide and spotter for The Hummer Club International
  • Chief Instructor for the Viper Club of America (Western Canadian Chapter) Calgary Viper Club track events
  • Organizer of the Calgary Exotic Auto Group – frequent provider of instruction to members
  • Instructor for The Edmonton Indy Track Experience
  • Past instructor for CMRA -Calgary Motorcycle Roadracing Association
  • Past instructor for The Porsche Club
  • Previously Chief Instructor for Racing Adventures (2 years)
  • Past instructor for the BMW Club (including Winter Driving School)

Racing Experience

I have won races in the following categories:

  • Motorcycle roadracing 600cc division
  • Enduro Car oval racing
  • GT3 roadracing
  • Formula Ford
  • Formula 2000
  • Hobby Stock oval racing
  • I was Western Canada Motorcycle roadracing champion in the 600 class. I was ranked number 2 nationally.
  • I was top 3 in the 750 and 750 superbike classes – while riding a 500cc machine.
  • I’ve also raced Hare Scramble on off road motorcycles, motocross, Challenge Cars (RX-7), and have driven in automobile Rally events.

Vehicle Experience (on track)

Motorcycles, all types and styles. I’ve competed on motocross bikes, enduro bikes and roadrace bikes.

Automobiles, all types. I’ve driven all models of Porsche from older 911’s to the Carerra GT. I’ve driven 3 different McLaren SLRs, almost every model Ferrari including the F-40 and the Enzo. I’ve driven all models of Lamborghini from the Muira to the current Superleggera including a 1000hp twin turbo Heffner Galardo. I’ve done many laps in the Maserati MC-12. I’ve driven many Corvettes, Vipers, BMWs, Acuras, Lexus, Lotus – pretty much all track worthy cars

Crash History

I’ve never crashed a customer's car. I’ve never put a wheel off in a customer's car. Not once.

Track History

I’ve competed, taught or participated in lapping events at the following tracks:

Westwood, Gimli, Shannonville, Race City, Thunderhill, Sebring, Infineon, Miller, The Edmonton Indy Track and Laguna Seca.

I’ve also participated at parking lot events (Autocross) and events on go-cart tracks.

Driving Event Organization

  • The Annual Calgary Viper Event for the Western Canadian Chapter of the Viper Club of America
  • The Ferrari Badlands Drive for Ferrari Maserati of Alberta
  • The Cardel Ride of a Lifetime to support children in need
  • Organizer of the Calgary Exotic Auto Group track events
  • Organizer of the Ferrari Maserati of Alberta track events

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